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The baby despots are: Baby Adolf * Baby Marie-Antoinette * Baby Jong-il * Baby Uday & Qusay * Baby George III * Baby Idi * Baby Joseph * Baby Mary I * Baby Alexander * Baby Napoleon.

Today is another stupid nighttime in America. This is what Baby George III thinks you should do:

  • Eat chocolate pudding.
  • Eat vanilla pudding.
  • Eat chocolate vanilla pudding. 
  • Kill everyone. 
"Jhonny Peralta could probably shoot six million black boys and no one would get angry with him because he’s so one-of-a-kind."
-Baby Idi 
"Matt Holiday kind of looks like a member of the Aryan race."
-Baby Adolf 
"Matt Carpenter grounded into a double play, which is bad. But then Nick Greenwood got three outs in a row, which is good. Hopefully, Matt Holiday will hit a home run, and we can all eat cookie dough and crush on that cute Ferguson police chief ."
-Baby Marie-Antoinette 

Baby Idi thinks that there’s lots of other people who the Ferguson police should be shooting at besides black people, like:

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"I hope the Ferguson police haven’t shot Wally Szczerbiak yet."
-Baby Idi 
"Girls shouldn’t be allowed to do anything but wear pretty big bows in their hair, so be quiet."
-Baby Mary I 
"That Ferguson police commissioner is kind of cute. Like he could come gang rape me if he so wanted to."
-Baby Marie-Antoinette 
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