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The baby despots are: Baby Adolf * Baby Marie-Antoinette * Baby Jong-il * Baby Uday & Qusay * Baby George III * Baby Idi * Baby Joseph * Baby Mary I * Baby Alexander * Baby Napoleon.

A lot of football players are hitting others, and they’re doing so off the so-called “gridiron,” so some of the Bambi Muse baby despots had a round-table discussion about this.

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Baby Mary I is going to wear  this hoodie by Marc Jacobs today because it looks super comfy, as well as cute and sort of army-like


"Matt Holiday didn’t home run. Ray Rice can punch me in the face now."
-Baby Marie-Antoinette 

Baby George III didn’t like that Tommy Pham didn’t score, but he did like that Carlos Gomez is stupid and so is Joanthan Lucroy and Aramis Ramirez.

"I hope Tommy Pham scores really much."
-Baby George III 

Dear Football Players,

You don’t need to be suspended, you need to be my boyfriends.


Baby Marie-Antoinette 

Once upon a time Baby Uday & Qusay watched 3 Ninjas Kick Back, which is the sequel to 3 Ninjas. 

Baby Uday & Qusay noticed that Rocky and Tum Tum were different from the Rocky & Tum Tum in 3 Ninjas. But Rocky was really different, like he converted to Judaism. 

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Black Bow Tie