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The baby despots are: Baby Adolf * Baby Marie-Antoinette * Baby Jong-il * Baby Uday & Qusay * Baby George III * Baby Idi * Baby Joseph * Baby Mary I * Baby Alexander * Baby Napoleon.
Bratty Poets

Last night Baby Adolf attended the first ever Bratty Poets series event.

The event was held in Baby Carina’s apartment. There were cupcakes, Gushers, a Wizard of Oz puzzle, and a tiny bowl full of sprinkles. Baby Adolf has a particular affinity for sprinkles. They are colorful. Baby Adolf likes colors. When he becomes chancellor of Germany he’ll assign almost every kind of a person a color. Jews will get to be yellow, political prisoners will have the honor to be red, and homosexuals will earn the right to be pink.

Futurepoem editor, Jennifer Tamayo, read. One of Jennifer’s poems mentioned Bristol Palin. Baby Adolf and Bristol are dear pals. Bristol is quite insightful.

Jennifer’s choice of footwear was captivating. Jennifer’s bow-bedecked heels combined formality and cuteness quite commendably.

Actress Laura Heckel preformed at the event too. Laura read excerpts of Roland Barthes from a bathtub.

When the beautiful blond wasn’t reciting the famous French theorist she could be found flitting about the party like a marvelous melancholy ghost.

Other ghosts at the party included the ghastly Sylvia Plath as well as her former husband Ted Hughes.

Baby Stephanie, who’s not a ghost, was in attendance. She wore a floppy hat reminiscent of Anna Sui spring 2012.

Macgregor Card was also there. His outfit was splendidly summer. He wore a grass-green T-shirt and white trousers.

But the true star of the night was Baby Carina. After days of speculation about her hair accessory, Baby Carina stunned everyone and wore no hair accessory whatsoever. Baby Adolf was shocked almost beyond belief. He tried to hide his sadness by working on the Wizard of Oz puzzle. But the puzzle proved to be too complicated for him. Baby Adolf didn’t begin to cheer up until, while on the way home from the glamorous and cantankerous first Bratty Poets series event, he spotted a headline.

Black Bow Tie